Legacy – Equals Moving On Curriculum

From 1998 the Equals Charity developed and published Curriculum Schemes of Work which were age related and provided in Key Stages. One such set involved the Equals Moving on Curriculum which was divided into three areas of study; World Studies, Independent Living and Vocational Skills.  As best practice and government policy changed these were phased out from 2018 and replaced with the new
» Equals Multi Tiered Curriculum.  Schools wishing to continue using the original Moving On materials which are now legacy and no longer available for schools to purchase can:

  1. submit work one last time for external moderation via the Equals Moving on Scheme for
    the academic year 1st September 2023-31st August 2024.
  2. download all the documents for this which will help support future internal moderation
    by the schools themselves.
  3. watch training videos which talk about the Moving On Curriculum in greater depth.

For future years, Equals will be signposting schools to Moving On Too which will be an accreditation scheme which runs alongside the new
» Equals Multi tiered Curriculum Schemes of Work.

However for any existing schools that wish to continue using the original; now legacy, Moving On Schemes of Work in the interim, Equals will from 1st September 2024, support schools with  their internal moderation even though any external moderation linked to the original Moving On Schemes will be ending.


Moderation Sessions

Please find below the four dates for the Moving On Moderations for the
academic year 1st September 2023-31st August 2024

  • Moderation at Kingsley High School on 20th June between 09:30 – 12:00
  • Virtual Moderation all documents needed by 21st June
  • Moderation at Ysgol Crug Glas on 27th June between 11:00 – 14:00
  • Moderation at Wightwick Hall School on 28th June between 09:00 – 12:00


Accreditation Scheme Documents

There are a selection of documents below for schools to use as they register and submit work for the
Equals Moving On Curriculum Accreditation Scheme. 

Training Videos – Moving On

There are a selection of videos below where John Hartley from Equals, talks through the
original Equals Moving On Curriculum Accreditation Scheme.  

Moving On – Original now legacy
Certificates Templates

These will be added later for schools to access from 1st September 2024.


For schools requiring further support, please contact the Equals Strategic Development Manager
using paul@equalsoffice.co.uk or you can phone using 0191 272 1222