Evaluation Form – Regional Curriculum Conferences

EQUALS provides Regional Curriculum Conferences for a small charge
of only £65 towards expenses such as lunch.

Are there any topics you would like us to include in future regional conferences?”

Would you like further support related to the Regional Conference you attended?

Please contact our Strategic Development Manager, Paul Buskin
for further information at paul@equalsoffice.co.uk

If you have recently attended a session, we would very much appreciate some feedback. If you could complete the form below this would help us evaluate the progress for these regional events.

    1. How satisfied were you with the enrolment for the Regional Curriculum Conference?

    2. How satisfied were you with the content of the Regional Curriculum Conference?

    3. How satisfied were you with how the Regional Curriculum Conference was delivered?

    4. To what extent did the Regional Curriculum Conference fulfil your expectations?

    5. Which aspects of the Regional Curriculum Conference did you find the most useful?

    6. Please let us know of any future training needs that you may have or suggestions for topics for future Regional Curriculum Conferences that would be beneficial to your school.

    7. What new resources or services would you like to see EQUALS provide in the future?

    8. Any other comments?